Hot girls acting like men.

by singlescarlettevixen

Once the sun goes down, I feel like a total dude. Except the part where I’m sitting in a thong.
I hit up bitches in my phone, (yes, I call guys bitches.) try to tease them a bit.
Pull up porn hub and get my porn fix.
Then I pretty much just fuck around and blast metal all night.

Is that normal?

This guy is trying to sext me right now. The thing with sexting and I is that usually when a dude sexts me, he tells me all the things he would want to do to me, and I reply with “I’d like that” or “show me,” So I don’t really have to say much, but I’m still thoroughly entertained.. and then I normally go out and fuck.
Right now, I’m trying really hard to be celibate until I get into a relationship. So I can’t resort to fucking. But I still have to get my fix, so I’ll sext.
I just have to put more effort into it now..
So this guy is sexting me and trying to get me to say things back. What the hell do people say? Sexting is so weird. I’d like to just say, “I’d throw you on your back onto my bed and fucking annihilate your penis, then sit on your face and chew on your stomach.” but that sounds dangerous. Or do guys like that?

I’m not open with what I do with people until the time comes. because I like to think of myself as being freaky. People have assumptions about me and what I do in the bedroom, and I let people assume. The way I look probably says most of it. but I like people to keep their imagination. I’d rather not let the world know what I really do in the bedroom. Hence why I don’t have pictures of myself up on here.

So I’m a private person. But once I close those bedroom doors, it’s on. I’m ready for the next couple hours, and the boy in my bedroom should be too.

Where am I going with this post?
I think I’ll watch more porn hub now. I’m sad that I’m not having sex.